Senior Software Engineer

September 15, 2021

About The Role

We’re looking for a highly motivated and conscientious individual to join our Digital Technology team. You will be responsible for supporting and maintaining our existing internal and external applications. You will also develop new functionality as we refine our processes. The ideal candidate strives to be productive, engages in open communication, and enjoys finding solutions to complex issues.

The Senior Software Engineer plays an important role in our company’s ability to exceed expectations and provide a superb customer experience, critical to Frontier’s success built on a foundation of customer obsession and innovation.

You will be a part of a dynamic team that seeks to achieve operational excellence with an impact that touches every department within our company. This position offers great career potential as we continue to grow our national footprint.

About The Company

Product labels are everywhere. If you look around you right now, there is a good chance you will see one on a container holding food or drink. Frontier Label has been manufacturing custom-printed product labels since 2005. We are a premier supplier of custom printed packaging, surprising and delighting customers with superior value primarily through speed and customer service.

Our purpose is to be a magnetic company that is the most satisfying solution to custom printed packaging. We work to make a difference in the world and give up to 50% of our annual profit to evangelical Christian ministries.

Strategic Responsibilities & Deliverables:

● Manage business logic for CakePHP application
● Adjust Controllers/Models to account for changes in process or automate existing manual calculations
● Handle bugs affecting customers or team members
● Integrate with third-party APIs or enhance existing integrations
● Collaborate with Frontend Engineer and Leadership on execution of new features or refinement of existing processes
● Occasionally provide minor support to the company’s basic IT infrastructure

Basic Qualifications:

● Ability to analyze and solve issues
● Ability to handle changing priorities and use good judgment
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Preferred Qualifications:

● 5 years of CakePHP experience and/or demonstrate proficiency in understanding the CakePHP framework
● 5 years of application development
● React/Javascript
● PHPUnit
● Git
● Ability to analyze and solve issues
● Ability to handle changing priorities and use good judgment
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Personal Qualities:

● Exhibits excellent judgment
● Has relentlessly high standards
● Open-minded and willing to learn
● Wants to have fun at work
● Results-oriented
● Committed to providing an excellent customer experience

Our Hiring Process:

● Apply online, carefully answering all of the questions you are asked
● Attend a 10-minute video call meet and greet
● Attend a 60-minute in-person tour and interview discussion
● Attend a 4-hour on-site observation of the role
● Get hired

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